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Crisp White Wines from BC

Crisp White Wines from BC

Hester CreekPatio season is coming to a close. And although we may be prepping to start buying more pants and long sleeves, we still have at least a couple weeks under our belts to sip some crisp whites. Both of these are from BC and won’t break the bank for that casual weekend with friends.

Firstly, we have the Hester Creek Trebiano 2011.

Trebbiano, also known as Ugni Blanc in France, is actually the second most widely grown grape in the world as it is very important in the production of Cognac.

Being very popular in Italy, it produces light dry white wines great for the Italian heat, or the two months in BC that we get to enjoy the same pleasures.

What makes this unique is it is the only Trebbiano grown in the Okanagan.

Characteristics include apple, citrus and passion fruit on the nose, and mineral and grapefruit notes on the palate.

So good with BBQ chicken believe it or not.

Casini BlancLastly, the great people at Cassini have given us a delicious crisp local Sauvignon Blanc that delivers. It even has shrimp, lobster, and kebabs on the label!

This delicious Sauv straddles somewhere between North America and New Zealand with has aromas of passionfruit, grass and pear, with nice apple and hint of tropical and pepper notes.

The wine finishes with a nice citrus zest. The greatest thing is, we still have some left in the store, and the winery is sold out.

James and the 1er Cru at Coal Harbour Liquor Store

Joie PTG and Therapy Vineyards Alterego

Joie PTG and Therapy Vineyards Alterego

So we are back from our hiatus and will be talking about some of our own.

Joie PTG and Therapy Vineyards Alterego.

The Joie PTG is a light bodied wine made in the old world style of Alsace and Burgundy.
It is a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay. The Pinot Noir gives it a multilayered mouthful and the Gamay adds just the right amount of spiciness to it.
This is a delicate wine and has been aged in premium French oak that gives it the finesse that is well deserved by all of us.
Although it’s a red it would go well with white fish, turkey and light cheeses.

Now for the Alterego, its name is a play off of Therapy Vineyards Superego.
The Alterego is a blend of pinot gris, sauvignon blanc, viognier and chardonnay.
This is definitely a fruit driven wine but with layers. I have personally enjoyed this wine on its own, but pair it with pork tenderloin and you will be very happy.
Alterego has been aged in French oak and this has enhanced the subtle flavours of the fruit.
It is by no means a fruit bomb. It is a very well balanced and tasty offering from Therapy Vineyards and the 2010 is the inaugural release.
If their first try at it is this good I will definitely be trying the next release.

James and the 1er Cru at Coal Harbour Liquor Store

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