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Beat the Summer Heat

Beat the Summer Heat

Calliope2 offerings to beat the summer heat.
Calliope Rosé 2010 from our backyard and a Moscato from the southern Puglia region of Italy.

The Calliope (ka-LIE-oh-pee) Rosé is from the Okanagan Valley and is an offshoot of the Burrowing Owl Family.

This wine shows some spice and floral notes on your nose and some sweet raspberry and pear with a hint of peach on your palate.

It is a blend of Syrah and Viognier and is perfect when refrigerated.

You can pair this wine with almost anything but it is best enjoyed on a sunny patio by itself with you and your friends

The Moscato from Italy is a very easy wine to drink and has a great nose of sweet sorbets and delicate aromas of fruit.

On your palate you will get a balanced wine that is not acidic and carries off the sweet fruitiness amazingly.
You can pair this wine with salads, chicken, fish or desserts.

Both wines are perfect for the season and will impress you with what they have to offer.

Both wines pair perfectly with friends

James and the 1er Cru at Coal Harbour Liquor Store

Tis the Season for Rosé

Tis the Season for Rosé

Skillogalee Cabernet Malbec blended Rose2 of many many great ones available this summer are from Australia

The first Australian offering is from the Skillogalee vineyards in the Clare Valley
A 2009 Cabernet Malbec blended Rosé

This wine is a refreshing take on the Rosé due to the unique characteristics of the Cabernet and Malbec.

It has fresh berry characteristics on your palate that will change into a savoury and mild spice that continues on into a perfectly balanced and clean acidic finish.

Do not let the strawberry aroma from the wine turn you off it has so many levels for a Rosé that it has become a must have.

Perfectly paired with Pan Asian food and fresh fish.

Our Second Australian beauty is from New South Wales and belongs to the Robert Oatley Vineyards.

This Rosé is made from Sangiovese and is done in the traditional style of Australian winemakers.

The Rosé is a distinctly dry and a little savoury. I find the sweet ones more like juice and have a hard time drinking them, but the dry Rose`’s give you more layers of flavour and more of a delicate feel on your palate.

The Sangiovese style has big mouth feel and comes over very silky with mouth watering red fruit flavours. And a crisp finish.

Afternoon Patio sipping
“bring it on”

James and the 1er Cru at the Coal Harbour Liquor Store

Spring and patios are in everyone’s mind

Spring and patios are in everyone’s mind

As we get closer to spring and patios are in everyone’s mind, I have chosen 2 wines, one from our own back yard and one from the other side of the world that knows what sun is, Australia.

Australian first. Skillogalee Rose`. A Rose` with enough character to impress. Created in the Clare Valley, it s a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec grapes giving it a clean crisp fresh berry fruit taste with some savoury spices and clean acidic finish. The blend will give you a mouthful of rose` with a tendency to have a greater red wine feel. With the addition of the Malbec grape the wine has an unexpected flavour and bite that makes your mouth water.

The Skillogalee Rose` is best served slightly chilled and is a perfect partner to an afternoon of patios.

The wine from our own backyard is the Orofino Gamay. It is created in the Similkameen valley in a 6 acre property on the sun drenched Cawston Bench.

A Gamay is a new world name for Beaujolais and has many of the same qualities. A light and refreshing yet flavourful red wine that has hints of white pepper and raspberries on the nose taking you to a spicy vanilla and rich ripe red berries on your palate.

This will become a summer favourite for all your BBQ needs and will be a perfect evening wine after your Rose` earlier on the patio.

Both choices are a lighter style of wine specifically chosen to match to all patio weather. Even if it rains these wines will bring back the sun if only for a few minutes!!

James and the 1er Cru at Coal Harbour Liquor Store

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