Because the Spring is still trying to arrive, a small push from the land of Burgundy might just help.

The Chassagne Monttrachet, 2007 from Louis Jadot is one tasty tasty Chardonnay. It appears golden in colour and has fresh peaches, apricot and mango aromas that fill your nose. You get a full bodied Chardonnay with subtle herbs on your palate and a long lasting finish. Even in our crazy weather this little beauty will put some sunshine in your day.

For those of us who do not mind a big red wine any time of the year, I have remained in France and have chosen The Grand Vin of the Southern Rhone Valley.

Chateau de la Gardine from the world renowned Chateauneuf-du-Pape appellation.

This is a smooth and velvety wine that goes well with food or on its own, (on its own works really well for me)
It has dark dense purple colour and a subtle smokiness that brings out the black currant and black cherry notes on your palate. This wine has a very full bodied mouth feel and finishes with velvety smooth tannins. Very hard to put down. A great go to wine when you want good quality and don’t have the time to test new wines prior to needing them.

If I was a wine critic both of these would be in my top 10 percent!!