Some of the best kept secrets out there are the quality of our own wines from the interior.

Many of our wineries are fantastic but to small to have a huge impact on your shopping. Here are 2 of my choices that I think exemplify our home grown quality.

Perpetua, chardonnay

    • From Mission Hill Family Estate
    • It is a single vineyard wine and is fermented in new French oak for 10 months and stirred by hand every 2 weeks.
    • The finished product is rich and creamy with nice toasty notes on you palate with butter and smoke making it one of the best chardonnay’s out there.
    • Mission Hill can impress when they want to and with the Perpetua they have certainly impressed me.

For our red this week I have chosen a new entry into the B.C. home grown market.
Painted Rock is only into its second vintage now and has created something even more special for us since its first release.

    • Painted Rock Icon
    • Estate grown
    • It is a blend of Merlot at 30%, Cab Franc at 25%
    • Malbec at 25% and Petit Verdot at 20%

It was aged in new French oak for 18 months and gives you a huge bodied red with fantastically ripe and concentrated fruit, with a deep deep red almost black in colour appearance. The ripe fruits explode on your palate but it does not resemble an Australian fruit bomb in any way. A true representation of what good wine making is all about.

James and the 1er cru at Coal Harbour Liquor Store